Profile Goodies - Several goodies for web pages

Decorate your webpage with these cool flash. Most of them are customizable. New "Goodies" will be added frequently. Check back!!!

Well, that's the ticker. Click on it.
The Countdown. Countdown to your bithday, anniversary, or any day you wish

Flash Banner Maker. Create custom beautiful banners
Puzzle Maker. Create your own puzzle from images provided or upload your own image. You can put on your profile or send to friends to solve.
Flashy Text. Write text, add glitter styles, choose cool fonts. VERY BEAUTIFULLY COOL!
Glitter Ecards. Beautify your page or impress your friends with these beautiful ecards

Map Locator. High Tech map showing where you live or work. Throw a party? Post this map with your invitaion to show where your party is.
Glitter Animator. This generator animates everything you write
Lava Lamp. Add some colors to your page with this custom lava lamp. You can make any color you prefer.
Send your lover this cool sweet heart with your name and message. Or, you can just use it for your page to impress your friends.
Cool Cool calendar. It shows the current date and time. Put on your page to be cool. LOL...
Click on the clock for more COOL clocks.
A lot of animated Romantic/Lovely Cards here
Various Text Effects
Interative Birthday Cards

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